In Regular Programming, the desire for freedom manifests itself through a woman’s unabashed masturbatory action. Viewers are made voyeurs through the camera’s gaze as it slowly zooms in from across the room, and the video cuts between the intimate scene and footage of a horse race - fighting to censor the shameless content.

Credits:  Actress: Ivy Blackshire,  Cinematographer: Mitch Blümmer,  Gaffer: Jacob Bittens,  Production Sound: Chase Bennett,  Assistant Director: Matt Rosenbaum,  Editor: Nick Blatt,  Sound Designer: Keyhan Kamelian,  Colorist: Matt Greenberg, Cartoon Mechanic Design by: Mitchell Zemil

Customized wooden rocking horse - wooden rocking horse, horse hair, leather, foam, brass nails


LEATHER-BOUND SECURITY CAMERAS (series of 5) - plastic camera, motion sensor, led light, leather, brass nail