Hungry combines raw eroticism, body horror tropes, and the female gaze to speak to the desperation and horror of desiring something unobtainable. It takes place within the protagonist's fantasy, in which she desperately makes out with a chocolate bust of a man until it collapses. 

Credits:  Actress: Ventiko,  Cinematographer: Mitch Blümmer,  Gaffer: Jacob Bittens,  Production Sound: Chase Bennett,  Assistant Director: Matt Rosenbaum,  Production Assistant: Sam Stuart,  Editor: Nick Blatt,  Sound Designer: Keyhan Kamelian,  Colorist: Matt Greenberg,  Score: Pedro Curvello,  Violinist: Jordi Nus

Hungry Statue - chocolate, plastic, wood, hardware, pedestal

Hungry Fragments (series of 5) - urethane resin, pigment