‘Doubled Up in Your Image’ is an interactive, immersive installation with audio-visual elements. Comprised of imposing furniture sculptures and haunting audio-visual elements, it forms a strangely distorted impression of a little girl’s bedroom. This conceptually and emotionally provoking space focuses on the internal impacts of trauma.

      The installation is laid out in perfect symmetry, submerged in yellow light and a pervasive burnt smell. A droning soundscape creates tension. In the center of the room stands an enormous burnt, smoke-stained bed with arched covers and a depressed pillow, giving the impression that someone is still in it. The mattress and bedding sit on top of a plywood box that forms the bed frame. Participants can climb onto the bed, lift the covers, and descend down under the mattress and into the box for an immersive experience. Inside, a cave-like space is carved from mattress foam, lined with smoke-stained sheets, and scented with burnt lavender. A projection screen embedded in the wall plays a video piece featuring a curled nude body slowly emitting smoke. An echoing soundscape based on choral structures accompanies the image. In contrast to the surrounding room, the cave is a cathartic sanctuary space. Other elements of the installation include duplicate vanity tables with mirrors that show participants the back of their heads using live stream video, an abstracted floral painting, and an encompassing light and sound installation.

     With its multi-sensory approach and visceral aesthetic details, ‘Doubled Up’ uses its unsettling atmosphere to gain the audience’s emotional engagement. By creating a highly experiential, but simultaneously safe and supportive environment, the installation aims to provide participants with an intimate experience of trauma’s effects, and offer tools towards recovery. 

Doubled Up is a work in progress, made possible through the support of Filo Sofi Arts director Gaby Aruta and investor David Plastino.

Key collaborators: music production Keyhan Kamelian, cinematographer Adam Carboni, and co-carpenter Nick Johnson