BEDFORD + BOWERY: New York City’s ‘Gut Biome’ And More Art Opening This Week

Doubled Up In Your Image
Opening Friday, September 21 at Filo Sofi Arts, 7 pm to 10 pm. On view through October 21.

Trauma is insidiously multifaceted. It can affect one person’s brain 75 different ways and another person’s brain another 75 different ways. People can go days feeling fine and then suddenly spiral. For those struggling, it’s especially important to have tactics, people, and places that can bring comfort, even in the midst of chaos. KS Brewer’s new installation, deemed a “post-traumatic impression of a bedroom,” features elements like strange sounds and a burnt-looking bed that has a concealed cavity to duck into, where an “uplifting” multimedia experience can be found. It encompasses both the mental distortions that trauma brings and a chance to escape them.