OFFICE MAGAZINE: Aloha From Hell Film Festival

When it comes to the PUBLIC, there nights to go for the party, but there are also nights to go for the popcorn. This week, at PUBLIC Arts,that was the Aloha From Hell Film Festival, curated by Brooke Wise. 

The project included an interesting (and impressive) array of artists— Wise's friends from across fashion, art, music, multi-media... The selected shorts offered the best balance of spooky, funny, and super fucked-up.

  • Films featuring Ruby Aldridge, Cream Daddy, Brittney Scott & Kreayshawn, Kelsey Brewer, Pipus & Kendra, Mia Kerin, Andres Manniste, Joshua Michael Paulin, Lars Moereels & Stef Van Looveren, James Orlando, Dinah Rankin, Lauren Servideo, James Skinner, Jordan Strafer, Absolutely Yes, friendswithyou & and more...