Red Viewer is a durational performance piece that engages in a dialogue about voyeurism, objectification, and power dynamics.

A red jumpsuit, red latex gloves and toe socks, and a mirrored helmet covers my body. A cable runs out the back of my neck and connects to a TV encased in a red box on wheels. The TV monitor displays a live video feed of whatever this character, Red Viewer, can see from inside its mirrored helmet. Red Viewer moves slowly and inorganically, stretching its body to amplify its alien appearance. The audience can see themselves dually reflected in Red Viewer’s mirrored facade, and in the TV's feed. If RV looks at the TV, the image compounds, sending an fractal-like image spiraling through the screen. Simultaneously hidden and exposed, object-like and human, observer and observed, it's this inherent relationship between Red Viewer and the audience that gives the performance its power.

Red Viewer has made appearances at Robert Miller Gallery, Lucas Lucas Gallery, Plaxall Gallery, and Superchief Gallery, and is published in Emergency Index Vol. 7.

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