Red Viewer is a durational performance piece that engages in a dialogue about voyeurism, surveillance, the male/ female gaze, kink, and subject/ object relationships.

I wear a red jumpsuit, red latex gloves and toe socks, and a mirrored helmet so that every inch of me is covered. A cable runs out the back of my neck and connects to a red velvet TV box on wheels. The TV monitor displays a live video feed of whatever I can see from inside the mirrored helmet. I move incredibly slowly and inorganically, stretching my body in almost gravity-defying ways to amplify my alien appearance. As I look at the audience, they can see themselves dually reflected in my mirrored facade, and in the TV's feed. If I look at the TV, the image compounds, sending an fractal-like image spiraling through the screen. Simultaneously hidden and exposed, object-like and human, observer and observed, it's this inherent relationship between me and the audience that gives the performance its power.

Keep an eye out for performance dates on Instagram (@ks.brewer) or the Shows tab on this site.