I integrate videos and other time-based technologies into sculptures and installations in order to translate the mental, emotional, and somatic effects of trauma into experiential, multi-sensory art. Made manifest in confrontational and disquieting spaces, structures, and beings, my work is surreal, multi-dimensional, and often psychically charged with the living properties of body, motion, and/ or voice. Through these forms, I seek to bypass the barriers to communication that trauma creates, by interpreting those unspeakable experiences into the immediacy of sensation and emotion.

My work is informed by my extensive cross-cultural study of psychology, neurology, and mythology, and challenges historical and contemporary depictions of women - portrayed through abstractions of the female body, voice, and psyche. Each work’s concept determines its execution. My process, therefore, is one of learning and experimentation that builds on my existing skills in filmmaking, wiring electronics, sculpting, and other means of fabrication. I manipulate these mediums in interactive and immersive ways to provoke an emotional reaction in participants, resulting in projects like an explosively burned bedroom haunted by audio-visual incarnations of dissociation, or a fleshy, animatronic being suspended on hooks and screaming about her subjugation, or a stop motion figure forcibly contorted and responding with ambiguous pleasure or pain. Eschewing language and rational thought, these experiential forms directly engage the senses, inciting an intuitive emotional response. It is this empathic connection between the art and the self that compels my practice. Through it, I encourage a visceral feeling of validation - of being truly heard, seen, and understood - that forms the foundation of healing social support.



KS Brewer holds a B.A. in Film & Television from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Honors include Trestle’s Critical Feedback program (2019 - ongoing), the ChaNorth residency (2019), finalist status for Peripheral Vision’s publication fellowship (2018), Honor USA’s Audience Choice grant (2016). She has exhibited and performed at numerous venues including Wallplay OnCanal, the Chashama Gala, The Border Project Space, Filo Sofi Arts, Aggregate Space Gallery, Lucas Lucas Gallery, and Flux Factory. Her work has been featured in publications including Forbes, Ravelin Magazine, Museé, Vice show Desus & Mero, and Emergency Index Vol. 7. She is the curator of the exhibition ‘STAG: The Illicit Origins of Pornographic Film’ at the Museum of Sex.

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