I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. I combine video-based work with elements of installation, sculpture, and performance. My practice addresses the experience of psychological trauma and its personal and collective impacts, touching on everything from sexual violence, human rights, power structures, alienation, objectification, and more. I combine my study of the psychology of trauma with aspects of mythology, history, and world cultures, viewed from an inherently feminist perspective. Often spooky, uncanny, or discomfiting, my work aims to use the immediacy created through its time-based and multi-sensory approach to create an instinctive emotional connection, but also vulnerability - encouraging audiences to examine their own reactions and associations. Trauma resists comprehension; it is individually and collectively easier to repress, dissociate, or forget than it is to communicate. By appealing directly to viewers’ senses and emotions, I attempt to bypass these barriers, and translate unspeakable experiences into an accessible, relatable means of connection, understanding, and validation. 



KS Brewer holds a B.A. in film & television from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She is the recipient of Honor USA’s Audience Choice grant (2016), and a finalist for Peripheral Vision’s publication fellowship (2018). Her work has been featured in publications including Forbes, Ravelin Magazine, Museé, and Vice’s TV show Desus & Mero. This fall, she exhibited her second solo show, Doubled Up in Your Image - an interactive, immersive video art installation presented at Filosofi Arts, and curated the exhibition STAG: The Illicit Origins of Pornographic Film for the Museum of Sex in NYC.

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