www III

22 July 2017

Ventiko ft. KS Brewer, Maria Aparo, Alfredo Guenzani, Geraldo Mercado, Andrei Matorin, Mitchell Murdock, and more

PRESS RELEASE: In addition to valuing our individuality, we must also recognize our sameness, our humanity.

For one night only, The Unruly Collective building at 200 Cooper Street will be transformed into a digital dystopia where attendees are immediately transported into a re-imagined future through a multi-sensory experience. Conceptual artist Ventiko presents www III a panoptic immersion investigating the power of the internet and the future of humanity

Ventiko asks us to comprehend the internet as Humanity’s Central Nervous System as she compels attendees to rediscover their senses of sight, touch, taste, sound, smell, while simultaneously exploring the unknown senses which collectively make up our universal consciousness.

The ethos of post-industrial society has maintained an unwavering belief in the individual above the collective. www III asks whether it’s time, and whether it’s possible in the digital age, for a reconsideration of this priority. 

New works will be experienced through a critical multi-media approach involving an amalgamation of methods of consumption. Featured artists are Maria Aparo, KS Brewer, Alfredo Guenzani, Geraldo Mercado, Luke Mannarino, Andrei Matorin, Mitchell Murdock, and featuring Luma, Gypsy, Deborah Oster Pannell, Polina Riabova and Lucy Shelby.