Regular Programming is a single shot in which the desire for freedom manifests itself through the woman’s masturbatory action, juxtaposed with with innocent charm of the room and rocking horse. Viewers are made voyeurs through the camera’s gaze as it slowly zooms in from across the room, and windows reveal the potential for her to be noticed from outside. The video cuts between the intimate scene and footage of a horse race - fighting to censor the unabashed content, and suggesting that societal and self-censorship are inescapable qualities of adulthood.

In both this video and in Hungry, the characters desperately search for the fulfillment of an impossible desire that, necessarily, they never attain. Both films also imply that these fantasies are carried out in private - they are the inner desires of women not free to express them in their realities.

Actress and performer Ivy Blackshire plays the lead role, and I customized the rocking horse and designed/ drew the "technical difficulties" end plate. 

Credits:  Actress: Ivy Blackshire,  Cinematographer: Mitch Blümmer,  Gaffer: Jacob Bittens,  Production Sound: Chase Bennett,  Assistant Director: Matt Rosenbaum,  Editor: Nick Blatt,  Sound Designer: Keyhan Kamelian,  Colorist: Matt Greenberg, Cartoon Mechanic Design by: Mitchell Zemil

Meet Regina: She was hand-carved in Bermuda, but somehow made her way to a pawn shop in Virginia Beach. I coerced three friends to road trip down from Brooklyn for her, and customized her in my studio with paint, wax, and a hand-crafted, phallic leather saddle, complete with brass nails and BDSM-inspired straps. I used the leftover leather to bind 5 motion sensor-rigged security cameras, which exhibit alongside the film.