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June 27 - July 19 2019

Darragh Dandurand, Chris Walla, Jonathan Rosen, Tamala & Tom Smith, KS Brewer, Kimyon Huggins, VR Coven, Nicole Ruggiero, Guillermo Heinze

Curated by: Darragh Dandurand

β€œThe fluidity of queer identity generously provides room for (re)interpretation of the self and soul. By our own resilient nature, the legacy of the queer community is reclamation. We recycle and rebuild to make meaning and find resolution.

The works represented here are connected by themes of body movement, identity politics, and gender performance. Some are dedications to our past, questions of our present, and hopes for our future.

The artists of Queer Form, a group show celebrating and commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, represent diverse, queer voices that make up the arts. We are unapologetically taking up space but we want to share it with you.”