Hungry takes place within the protagonist's fantasy, in which she desperately makes out with a chocolate bust of a man until it collapses. The film focuses on the visceral details of their encounter, putting the audience within her mindset as it slowly mounts in tension, and the initially erotic images become increasingly grotesque. The chocolate bust is indulgent, desirable, but also sugary and insubstantial, and the more urgently she tries to engage with him, the more he falls apart. The paradoxical scenario can only end one way. Playing on themes of unobtainable desire for connection, temporality, and tragic destruction, the film is sexy but horrific, and combines raw eroticism with body horror tropes and the female gaze to create a uniquely emotive experience. 

Performance artist Ventiko plays the lead role, and I made the chocolate sculpture.

Credits:  Actress: Ventiko,  Cinematographer: Mitch Blümmer,  Gaffer: Jacob Bittens,  Production Sound: Chase Bennett,  Assistant Director: Matt Rosenbaum,  Production Assistant: Sam Stuart,  Editor: Nick Blatt,  Sound Designer: Keyhan Kamelian,  Colorist: Matt Greenberg,  Score: Pedro Curvello,  Violinist: Jordi Nus

LEFT: Hungry Statue

The maimed chocolate bust serves as a temporal relic of the obsession and passion with which it was devoured. A red chocolate ‘skin’ gives way to milk chocolate ‘flesh’ underneath.

ABOVE: Hungry Fragments (series of 5)

This series immortalizes a fragment from the shattered head of the chocolate bust. Visible wear, fault lines, and bite marks make the piece a permanent record of fleeting lust.