Still from REGULAR PROGRAMMING, KS Brewer 2017

Still from REGULAR PROGRAMMING, KS Brewer 2017

Aloha From Hell

October 16 2017

Curated by: Brooke Wise

"Held at Public Hotel, the festival featured Wise’s curated picks from James Orlando, Brittney Scott and Kreayshawn, and more.

Ian Schrager, of Studio 54 fame, opened Public Hotel to make “cool things, sophisticated things, available to everybody,” he told Forbes. So far, the hotel has lived up to its reputation, with a truly diverse body of events, from Claudia Schiffer’s book launch to curator Brooke Wise, sister of carb-friendly artist Chloe Wise, and her crew of friends who’ve created, in the words of Office Magazine, “spooky, funny, and super fucked-up” films for Wise’s Aloha From Hell festival.

Held on Monday as part of the hotel’s Public Arts program (described on the site as a “nighttime renaissance, and a cultural, social, event and party machine), Aloha From Hell is kind of the perfect precursor to Halloween..."

"The project included an interesting (and impressive) array of artists— Wise's friends from across fashion, art, music, multi-media... The selected shorts offered the best balance of spooky, funny, and super fucked-up.

Films featuring Ruby Aldridge, Cream Daddy, Brittney Scott & Kreayshawn, KS Brewer, Pipus & Kendra, Mia Kerin, Andres Manniste, Joshua Michael Paulin, Lars Moereels & Stef Van Looveren, James Orlando, Dinah Rankin, Lauren Servideo, James Skinner, Jordan Strafer, Absolutely Yes, friendswithyou & and more..."