I combine video-based work with elements of sculpture, installation, and performance to investigate the interrelated subjects of trauma and desire. I have extensively studied the psychology of trauma and treatments for it. I approach everything through this lens, and apply my knowledge of such things as intrusive symptoms, dissociation, and the importance of testimony to other disciplines like mythology, symbology, world cultures, and history, typically with a intersectional feminist focus.

My ever-evolving practice integrates animation, live-action, and digital effects with two and three-dimensional art forms. Finished projects might take shape as moving paintings, tech-reliant performances, video sculptures, or audio-visual installations. These pieces carry the emotional drama of narrative cinema, but combine it with physical forms, resulting in something poignant and experiential. My visceral aesthetic style produces a discomfiting atmosphere that demands an emotional response from participants, thereby fostering an instinctive connection between them and the work.

As I explore trauma and desire, I expose related facets such as sexuality, voyeurism, power structures, alienation, cruelty, and grief. My cross-disciplinary, time-based, and multi-sensory practice is ideally suited to meaningfully engage with these abstruse themes. I hope to translate ineffable experiences into accessible works of art that prioritize our common humanity over exterior differences, and ultimately provide inclusive social support. 



Video artist KS Brewer (American, b. 1992) combines video-based work with elements of sculpture, installation, and performance to investigate the emotional states of trauma and desire. After thirteen years of studio art training, she studied filmmaking at NYU, where a job as a repair technician taught her to use a wide variety of tools and materials. In her current multimedia video art practice, she uses these skills to conceptualize, produce, production design, direct, and often act in and edit her videos, in addition to creating the installation, sculptural, and performative elements that are intrinsic to them. 

Brewer’s work has been shown in festivals and galleries across the US since 2012. She had her debut solo show in NYC in 2017, and has an upcoming solo show this fall. 

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